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This kid is an inspiration 😂😂😂.

This kid is an inspiration 😂😂😂 ...

"12/100 〰 This is a scary one to share. But it’s so real. And so important. I know I’m not the only person with scars on my arm that i put there myself. And I’ve never had this conversation with anyone except my husband and therapists. 〰 For a long time, i forgot they were there. But since I’ve started a new anti-depressant, they’ve become more visible to me. A lot of things have, but my scars especially. And it’s mainly because I’m starting to actually love myself more and my scars are a symbol of hate and hurt and pain. I’m healing from that right now and so i hate my scars. Not because of shame but because i am starting to understand that i deserve better. 〰 I’m starting to see myself like how i see so many of you that messaged me about depression: you deserve to be loved and to love yourself! My heart breaks for you and your pain. 〰 My encouragement for you today is that if you’re hurting, you’re worth healing. We have to fight for ourselves. We can be surrounded by a multitude of supporters, but if we don’t support ourselves, rarely will we feel the love that we deserve. 〰 I’m making the effort to go to counseling, to take my medication, to talk to my husband, and to be exposed and honest about my pain so that i can fight it and heal from it. So TRUST ME...if i can, YOU SO CAN TOO! 〰 I chose these lyrics from a long time favorite song of mine. These words are powerful and healing. See Matthew 10:31. And search this song on YouTube by Dan Craig.〰 If you resonate with my scars, but haven’t reached out for help DO IT. You deserve to BE HAPPY. If you’re alive, you HAVE PURPOSE AND MEANING AND YOU MATTER. 〰 if you’re someone that is turned off by my scars and likely to avoid me when you see me, please don’t. Step outside of your comfort zone towards those you don’t understand and engage in the conversation. I am not alone in this, i know that, but so many suffering feel SO ALONE. We are all fighting different battles - be brave enough to let others help you fight and know you deserve to WIN." -by @elisabethcreative __________ Want to be featured on our instagram? Submit your art & stories here: www.howamifeeling.org ...