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@experiencelifemn ⭐ New Levels Reached With Chiropractic Care! ⭐ Little miss Brooklyn was experiencing severe developmental delays and was given the diagnosis of autism and sensory processing disorder early on in life. She was missing milestones including walking and speech and struggled with textures which made eating food a daily challenge. Her parents had her in both PT and OT programs which helped significantly, but they still felt like something was missing. That's when they found our Perfect Storm Workshop! Within her first month of chiropractic care Brooklyn was walking without her leg braces! Her parents also reported that she was sleeping better and her mood improved - she was smiling all the time! Not only that but her dad said she is more adventurous and outgoing and loves to interact with people and say HI to everyone! It’s easy to start the conversation with us. Hit the link in our profile. #experiencethedifference #experiencewellnesschiropractic #developmentaldelay #autism #sensoryprocessingdisorder #sleep #mood #pediatric #chiropractic
#experiencethedifference #experiencewellnesschiropractic #developmentaldelay #autism #sensoryprocessingdisorder #sleep #mood #pediatric #chiropractic
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