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@experiencelifemn 💥 Meet Jaiden...one of EWCs newest ROCKSTARS! 💥 Jaiden started life facing more challenges than most of us deal with in a lifetime - emergency c-section, hydrocephalus, agenesis of the corpus collosum, seizures, glaucoma, cerebral palsy, auditory and sensory issues...and the list goes on. Last month his mom attended our Perfect Storm Workshop and we got to meet this EPIC dude! Jaiden has been under care for less than a month and the WINS that this guy has experienced are too AWESOME not to share! ⭐ After his FIRST adjustment Jaiden's mom said he experienced a CALM that he has not experienced IN YEARS! ⭐ After that same FIRST adjustment Jaiden's digestion improved and he slept better than he has IN YEARS (and still does!) ⭐ Jaiden was able to stay in his house while the vacuum cleaner was running without having a MELTDOWN! ⭐ Jaiden also received his first haircut without experiencing sensory overload or becoming physically aggressive! The best part about this story is THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! Jaiden's smile says it all! It is amazing what happens when you simply remove interference from the nervous system and allow the body to EXPRESS LIFE! You can learn more about how we do this at our next event. Click here to register (it's FREE) https://perfectstormplymouth.eventbrite.com #experiencethedifference #experiencewellnesschiropractic #csection #seizures #cerebralpalsy #sensoryissues
#experiencethedifference #experiencewellnesschiropractic #csection #seizures #cerebralpalsy #sensoryissues
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