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@experiencelifemn Meet Giovanni! 👶🏽 This little dude had a tough start to life...long labor, rough delivery. He was an unhappy all the time! It was impossible for his parents to leave the house without him screaming. He suffered with colic and reflux and wouldn’t sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time! 💥 After Giovanni’s first gentle and specific chiropractic adjustment he slept the WHOLE 45 minute car ride home! Not only that, but he also slept the next 10 HOURS, waking only to eat and then falling right back asleep! Mom told us that she was able to enjoy a shower for the first time in weeks and cried saying ‘thank you for giving me my baby!’ It’s AMAZING what our bodies are capable of when we simply remove the interference from our nervous system so that it can fully express life! To learn more check out our FREE workshop! https://perfectstormplymouth.eventbrite.com #longlabor #roghdelivery #colic #colucbaby #refluxbaby #reflux #sleep #shower
#longlabor #roghdelivery #colic #colucbaby #refluxbaby #reflux #sleep #shower
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7 months ago