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@experiencelifemn You’re known for putting everyone else’s needs before your own. However, during pregnancy we want you, as a Mom, to remember that putting your health first means you’re putting your baby’s health first. Don’t worry, there are so many other moms trying to figure out this balance as well--- You are not alone! During pregnancy, your baby is so connected to how you’re feeling and responding to stress, therefore, it is important to find a way to balance your stress with happiness! Join us in this free event https://deliveredplymouth.eventbrite.com This event is designed for you if you’re looking to: - Understand what is possible this pregnancy - Find answers to your questions - Create your birth vision -Have encouragement and support every step of the journey Click the link to get registered https://deliveredplymouth.eventbrite.com #pregnant #pregnancy #birth #childbirth #birthing #birtheducation
#pregnant #pregnancy #birth #childbirth #birthing #birtheducation
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7 months ago